"I suffered from a fungal infection on a number of toes for many years, particularly bad was the infection on the large toe of one foot. It was slowly becoming much worse and very ugly. Clearly covering the toes with nail polish was adding to the adverse effect. Having read about the success of the laser treatment I went to Bushey Foot Clinic for a consultation. I elected to have the treatment which is painless. It required 3 sessions. I followed the recommendation to cut away the badly affected part of the nail, keep it free of polish and maintain a strict, daily routine to ensure any fungal infection between the toes be kept at bay.

It is now 9 months later and all sign of infection has gone. I am thrilled.
As a result I visit monthly to have my feet checked and tidied up and can't imagine why I didn't do this years ago. Jonathan is knowledgable and thorough and I recommend his services entirely."

C.G., Bushey
"My friend and I power walk and machine workout 4 times per week. For the past 3 years Jonathan's consideration and attention to my feet enables me to continue enjoying exercise.

I find Jonathan a friendly, kind and considerate person and visiting him could only improve your well-being.

Looking after our feet is so important - our feet is our 'vehicle'."

Zalina, Harrow Weald
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